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Once you sign-up, you will receive an invitation link in your inbox which will help you create your Amazon Seller account in a hassle-free manner.


What happens after I sign up for goGlocal?

Once your Amazon Seller account is created, goGlocal will help you with your end-to-end Amazon global selling journey from listing your products to shipping and fulfilment.


What do I need to register with Amazon Global Selling?

To register with Amazon Global Selling, you need:

  • Email address and mobile number
  • ID proof (Aadhaar, passport, or driving license)
  • Credit or debit card (international transactions enabled)
  • Business address proof (Bank or credit card statement)


What are the benefits that you offer?

You can avail exclusive benefits on Amazon Seller Central such as credits worth $100 and a 3-month subscription worth ~$120 only at $1. Additionally, you also get end-to-end guidance on your global selling experience from goGlocal.