Enabling Glocal


Looking to turbocharge your existing online stores for new market entry?

Our Glocalizer Tool simplifies and catalyses your global expansion journey by modifying your existing online stores and listingsaccording to the foreign country’s customer needs. Localise your customer experience in just few simple steps.

Switch. Localise. Attract

Meet the expectations of your customers by tailoring your brand and its offerings compatible with the local requirements

Turbocharged glocal expansion
and growth strategy

Assess your global business potential and create multi-level expansion plans with data-driven market insights and latest trends to turbocharge your international business and exports

Successfully enter international markets with customized, ready to execute, dependable business evolution strategies

Customised localisation for
glocal expansion

Attract more international customers by translating their browsing experience as per the target country’s culture, language, time, images and currency

Highly reliable translation content further verified by local experts makes your brand accessible to the world

Seamless checkouts
and international payments

Offer convenient shopping experience to your international customers with optimised international checkout process offering exact landed cost and delivery charges

Customers have a wide variety of local payment alternatives, while you get paid in Indian Rupees. No more unpleasant surprises for customers and higher sales conversions.

Smooth logistics and trade compliances

Let us manage your end-to-end cross border selling with our dropshipping solution powered by integrations with a robust network of logistics providers, clearance agents and forwarders.

Focus on growing your business while we offer extensive international trade compliance support and hassle free returns management. Avoid any high investments or risks and enter any new global market without inventory storage